How To Choose The Right Composite Decking?

Are you in the market for a new deck to create your dream outdoor living space? Done your homework and decided that the composite decking is ideal for you? Well, you have made a good decision, but how do you choose the best one from dozens of varieties available? Have no fear! Here is an ultimate guide for choosing the best composition decking for your home?

What’s Your Budget?

Composite decking is indeed a great option for those who are on a budget. However, some top –quality composite decking can be two to three times as expensive as cedar planking. The difference between the expensive and economic composite decking is not a matter of quality, but of texture, color and style. If you are Ok with a few palette of colors, repetitive grain pattern and a smooth finish, you will find plenty of low-cost products.

Look Of Your Deck:

Hesitant on a composite deck as you want it to look like timber? No need to worry! There are some high-end composites with fantastic grain design that resembles timber decking in both feel and appearance.

What About Add Ons?

Consider things like post caps, posts, balusters, skirts, railings and decorative trips to dress up your deck. These add-ons can give your deck a stunning look, but can double the cost of your decking too.

Hidden Fasteners Or Face Screws?

While hidden fasteners are not for everyone, it may be a good option if you don’t want to see the hardware used in the installation. If you are budget conscious, you can go with face screws as the hidden fasteners are more expensive and will increase the cost by about 30%.

Can Composite Decking Get Wet?

Even the best composite decking will get slippery if it gets wet. In fact, the deck can even become a hazard depending on the texture you have chosen. If you are on a tight budget, you can choose a smooth-texture composite. However, you should be more cautious during rainy days and stay away from the deck. If you are going to build a deck near a pool or as the main entry to your house, choose a composite decking with a pronounced texture.

Is Your Deck In The Hot Sun?

If you are living in a warm climate, it is better to go with composite decking in light shades. The dark and dense decking options get extremely hot in the sun and the heat reflected can make you sizzle. In order to make the right choice, get composite samples in different shades and place them in the sun. Then, test the temperature in different weather conditions which will help you choose the best composite decking product for your regional climate.

Check The Building Codes:

There may be some restrictions on the type of composite materials used for framing, stairs and in specific structures. Also, there are some fastener-spacing requirements that you should meet when building a deck. So, before shelling out your hard-earned money on the composite decking, call your local building officials to make sure that your design plan and the material are in compliance with the building codes.  

Solid Or Hollow Deck:

Solid decking boards are made of dense, solid material whereas hollow boards feature ribbed centers. Both hollow and solid boards are strong enough to handle substantial weight and are durable, but the latter is particularly strong due to their denser construction. Still wondering what would be the right composite decking variant for you? Why not call the decking experts of Leisure Decking for professional advice? We take time to evaluate your decking goals and recommend the best variant for you. For more details, call us on 0408 565 561.

Building a deck is a highly specialised form of carpentry. It takes years of learning and building to master. For us, it’s all about using the best quality materials and laying the right foundations. That means getting to know you, and spending the time getting the sub-floor absolutely right.

Decking is beautiful. But it’s what’s underneath; the groundwork, that matters most to us. As they say – “The beautiful rests on the foundations of the necessary.” Without a solid foundation, you will never achieve a flawless, lasting result that truly functions for you.

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