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For Jamie and his family, Merbau Decking was the ‘natural choice’ of decking material for their front entry porch and alfresco entertaining area. Merbau timber Decks, really does bring out the natural timber grain which makes Merbau famous for. This example is from Berwick in the Eastern Suburbs Melbourne.

Brick, render and glass provide clean lines and an up-to-date feel; but timber can really breathe much-needed life and warmth into a modern home.

Timber Decking Melbourne
Front Entry Porch Decking with Picture Frame Border

This family have put a lot of love and effort into creating a beautiful home and stunning gardens. Now, where there was once plain, uninviting concrete – merbau timber decking adds that extra charm and character that this house needed to become a home.

Front Porch Decking
Marbau Decking
Timber Decking Porch
Alfresco Area Decking
Alfresco Decking Melbourne
Alfresco Area with Merbau Decking


Jamie chose to use premium merbau decking boards with hidden fixings. These decking boards have a groove on each side where fixing clips are placed. Allowing the screws to be placed in the spacings between the boards. Hidden from view.

Installed in much the same way as composite decking, hidden fixings provide the cleanest look for merbau decking. No nails or screws detracting from the beautiful timber.

Hidden fixings also limit the use of ‘normal’ screws in the build. Meaning that there’s also less chance of boards splitting over time.

It was obvious to us how ‘house proud’ Jamie is. We could see the back-breaking efforts that have gone into their landscaping. And we feel honoured that we were entrusted with this final piece of the puzzle.


Nothing beats the look and feel of natural timber decking. Merbau can add extra life and warmth to any modern home, or charm and character to established properties. If you would like to learn more about timber decking, call Stephen today to chat about your options.

Building a deck is a highly specialised form of carpentry. It takes years of learning and building to master. For us, it’s all about using the best quality materials and laying the right foundations. That means getting to know you, and spending the time getting the sub-floor absolutely right.

Decking is beautiful. But it’s what’s underneath; the groundwork, that matters most to us. As they say – “The beautiful rests on the foundations of the necessary.” Without a solid foundation, you will never achieve a flawless, lasting result that truly functions for you.

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