At Leisure Decking, we offer services for both composite deck and timber deck installation in Melbourne. Regardless which material you choose for your decking project, you can count on us to deliver superb workmanship and a beautifully finished product. However, if you are still trying to decide which type of deck you want, knowing the core differences between timber decking and composite decking will be helpful to you.

The first thing to remember is that your deck won’t necessarily look one specific way if you choose timber decking and another way if you opt for a composite deck. On the contrary, there are a lot of different options within each of these categories, from different wood varieties to different composite colours. In other words, you don’t necessarily have to make your choice based on aesthetics. Rather, you might consider the various features, pros and cons of both timber decks and composite decks.

The Pros and Cons of Having a Timber Deck in Melbourne

As timber deck builders in Melbourne, Leisure Decking often fields calls from customers who are interested in having a natural wood deck but want to know a little more about the maintenance requirements. Certainly, of the two main categories of decking, natural timber is going to demand much more in terms of ongoing maintenance. Depending on the size of your deck, how much money the ongoing maintenance actually costs you will vary considerably. However, since timber decks typically demand staining, sanding, jet washing, oiling and more. Wood can also splinter, rot or break, which means that you might end up paying for more in-depth repairs a few times during a timber deck’s lifetime.

The need for deck maintenance is arguably the biggest con against wooden decks—though, at Leisure Decking, our timber deck builders can also provide annual servicing for your deck. With a decking company you know you can count on just a phone call away, it’s easier to take the plunge with a timber deck. Whether you need advice on how to care for your deck or need help sanding and staining, we are always happy to take your call.

The major pros of timber decking are cost and natural beauty. You will spend less upfront on a timber deck than you will on a composite deck. The wood also has a natural beauty that is quite pleasing to the eye —especially in the months after purchase or right after a stain.

What about Composite Decking?

Of course, composite decking brings its own advantages to the table. While you might get more of a natural charm from having a timber deck in Melbourne, we can promise that the composite materials we work with at Leisure Decking do offer a natural look and feel of their own. Composite decking is also much less susceptible to the elements—from rain to snow to UV exposure and beyond. Composite deck materials are even resistant to termites!

The only major con with composite materials is that they cost considerably more than natural timber. As a result, your budget will probably play a role in which type of deck you decide to purchase. However, do keep in mind that composite materials don’t require much maintenance, as they don’t rot and won’t need to be stained or sanded after a year or two.

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Building a deck is a highly specialised form of carpentry. It takes years of learning and building to master. For us, it’s all about using the best quality materials and laying the right foundations. That means getting to know you, and spending the time getting the sub-floor absolutely right.

Decking is beautiful. But it’s what’s underneath; the groundwork, that matters most to us. As they say – “The beautiful rests on the foundations of the necessary.” Without a solid foundation, you will never achieve a flawless, lasting result that truly functions for you.

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